Test your PHP OOP knowledge with these interview style questions.
Some questions require a yes or no answer and others require a code example.
Please use Markdown to write your answers and read the code submission details.

Your code will be reviewed on Twitch March 28th (Sunday)

Question 1

Is multiple inheritance supported in PHP [yes/no]?

Question 2

Explain the difference between a class and an object.

Question 3

Demonstrate the singleton pattern.

Question 4

Explain why the singleton pattern is sometimes considered an anti-pattern.

Question 5

Explain what an abstract class does?

Question 6

Can an abstract class extend another abstract class [yes/no]?

Question 7

Can a PHP interface extend another interface [yes/no]?

Question 8

How many interfaces can a PHP class implement?

Question 9

Explain when you would use an interface instead of an abstract class?

Question 10

Explain the output of the following code.

final class BaseClass {
   public function test() {
       return "BaseClass::test() called";

class ChildClass extends BaseClass {


$obj = new ChildClass();
$output = $obj->test();
echo $output;