February 2020 Code Challenges

Level 1 - Encode a string

  • Use JavaScript or PHP to encode a string
  • This could either be a command or a web page that converts a given string to a hashed string
  • If it's a command then the first argument should be the string you want to encrypt.
  • If it's a webpage you can pass the string in the query string.

Web request


Or command

$ ./hashthis.php helloworld

Level 2 Add the hashed string to a text file

  • Create a new line in a text file for every hashed string

Level 3 Validate the clear text string

  • Create a HTML form that posts a string for validation
  • Validate the submitted string against the hashes in the text file
  • Loop over existing hashes in the text file and verify that the submitted string exist
  • Print the result to the page
  • If submitted string is valid then print out the decoded string and its hash

Video Review