January 2020 Code Challenges

Level 1 - Create JSON form config

  • Create a JSON file that represent a form and it's fields
  • The form must include

    • First name textbox

      • Must be required
    • Last name textbox

      • Must be optional
    • Where did you hear about select box
    • Must be required
    • Options:

      • YouTube
      • Twitch
      • Discord
      • Other


  • Add configuration for additional form fields
  • Add configuration for data validation
  • Add configuration for validation messages
  • Add configuration for form action and method

Level 2 Convert this into a HTML form

  • Use JavaScript or PHP to convert the JSON config into a usable form

Level 3 Handle form submission via PHP

  • When the form is submitted read the values into a PHP

Level 4 Create an XML file per form submission

  • Create an XML file per submission which stores the values
  • The XML file should have the timestamp as the filename


  • Design code/config so that the form fields can be configured differently without altering the PHP code.

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